Shoulder Exercises for Women




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Shoulder exercises for Women:

  1. SHOULDER SUPERSET  3 x (5 x 10)

(On Bosu ball to intensify)




      (Add a knee tuck to increase intensity. You can also perform this on a medicine ball)


      4.  DOUBLE ARM SWINGS  3 x 10

        (Can use weight plate/ dumbbell/ kettle bell/ sandbag. The heavier the controllable weight the more effective)

        5.  ONE ARM ELEVATED PUSHUP  3 x (L x 10 + R x 10)

          (Increase intensity by elevating both feet)


          6.  BARBELL CLEAN AND PUSH PRESS  3 x 12

            (Try to increase weight so that you are able to barely finish reps)

            These are well balanced, challenging shoulder exercises for women, but trust me you will reap the rewards! I’ve included a good combination of multi-joint exercises to this routine to increase fat burning and boost your metabolism.  If I don’t challenge you, who else will? The idea is to get you out of your comfort zone unto a new level of excellence!

            We can’t deny the fact that strong, sculpted shoulders can be super sexy and add the x-factor to that little black evening dress or even that everyday strap top that you love to wear. Well sculpted shoulders give striking visual effect as a result of graceful lines and indent forms on the top part of your shoulders.  By developing the muscles of the upper body, you’ll get sexy-looking shoulders and create a “V” silhouette that makes your hips and waist appear slimmer. Plus, they help you stay injury-free when doing the fun things in life and ease everyday tasks.

            Shoulders don’t carry a lot of fat (not like your notoriously fat-storing body parts like your thighs, legs and abs), so you can see quick results from these shoulder exercises for women.  So if you’re prepared to train your heart out, you are in for amazing results!

            We use our shoulder muscles to accomplish practically every pulling, pushing, and hoisting task we do (they really do carry the weight of the world!), so they’re a great place to start building strength. The shoulder, or deltoid, actually has three sections or “heads” that form one muscle. When I engage in shoulder exercises for women, I like to do an exercise for each area: the front raise zeroes in on the front part of the deltoid, the lateral raise targets the middle section, and the rear shoulder raise tones the back and helps prevent your shoulders from rounding forward. Some of these shoulder exercises for women might be hard initially so it is imperative to focus on the quality more than the quantity.  Make an effort of every movement, control every single rep AND push until failure.  That’s the only way how you are going to gain benefits from this powerful workout.

            These shoulder exercises for women work for me- it will work for you.  Remember YOU determine the outcome! So, you can go dazzle the world with sexy, shoulders and an aura of fitness and wellness…

            Apply ONE thing:  Passion!