Leg Workouts for Women


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Leg Exercises for Women

  1. WALKING LUNGES WITH DUMBBELLS   3 x (20 OUT + 20 BACK)                                                                                                                 *Alternate


(Add  a barbell to maximize this exercise)

3.  ROMANIAN DEAD LIFTS + SHOULDER SHRUGS  3 x 15                                                                                                                                                  *Alternate


(Advanced option- 1.)  toes pointed to the front 2.) slightly pointed outward and 3.) inward)

(Aim for Pyramid sets)


(Add a barbell on shoulders)                                                                                                                                                                                                        *Alternate


(Aim for Advanced 3 variations and Pyramid Sets)

7.    LUNGE JUMPS                                                                                                                                                         )

(Incorporate dumbbells to maximize)

So, this is where we are getting back to basics.  You don’t have to do complicated exercises to see results.  In fact it is in most cases the simple leg exercises for women that you can perform controlled and focus on every rep.  If you want well sculpted legs with a bit of muscle AND a tight butt, you can’t get away from the good old squat.  The squat is the mother of all leg exercises for women. If you were to do only one leg exercise, it should be the squat, since it works your entire body. The focus, however, is on your gluteus and quadriceps. The regular squat is a great exercise in order to build your legs and your overall fitness level.

I challenge you to do these leg workouts for women with everything you’ve got. Whenever I do a similar leg workout for women I take it on like a tigress and can barely move for the next two days! If that scares you, don’t do this leg workout for women.  But, if you can visualize yourself in that little black number with a pair of stiletto’s, showing off what you’ve got– nothing’s going to stop you anyway- go for it! No effort… No results..

I didn’t include mediocre FREE workouts on the Xhoosh! blog, because I DON’T BELIEVE IN MEDIOCRITY.  I’ve included real, basic stuff that WORKS- full stop! If you are a beginner, or unfit- rather focus on incorporating lighter weights and doing less reps but do QUALITY ones!

You will find that I seldom do isolated exercises because the more muscles you use, the bigger the movements and the higher the intensity the greater the benefits in terms of fat loss and the greater the magic afterburn effect!  This leg workout for women is also based on this principle.

In the Xhoosh!LIVE Reality Lifestyle Transformation Program I coach ladies on how to break through their previously perceived limits. I teach why and how it is possible to explode in every workout.   If you don’t entertain a KAIZEN approach (the Japanese for continuous improvement) you aren’t going to get anywhere. That is one of my life philosophies.  Small improvements daily lead to mastery! That is why you should take these leg exercises for women on with a Kaizen attitude.

If you love Xhoosh! workouts as much as so many other ladies form all over the world, you are going to benefit from  the outcome of perfectly balanced workouts which is made up of a combination of strength and resistance training, cardiovascular interval training and a series of fat munching multi joint exercises.  In other words, leg workouts for women aren’t limited to this workout.  A lot of the other FREE workouts on the Xhoosh! blog will add to well sculpted, toned legs.

It’s all up to you! You’ve got it within you.  Allow yourself to break through every mental barrier.  Free yourself and unlock the Tigress within you!  Yeah!

Passionately Tigress