Kettle Bell Exercises for Women


Bell of the Ball


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Kettle Bell Exercises for Women:

  1. LUNGES  3 x 12 (L + R)



    3.  ONE ARM KETTLE BELL SQUAT  3 x (L x 10 + R x 10)



        5.  KETTLE BELL FIGURE 8   3 x 20 COMPLETE 8’S


          6.  DOUBLE ARM SWINGS  3 x 20

            I all the latest transformations I’ve identified that the kettle bell exercises for women played a very prominent role in overall fat loss and toning. A lot of women are not aware of the benefits of kettle bell exercises for women. Only about 21 percent of women engage in a weight training program. Pumping that iron at least twice a week can reduce overall flab by three percent in as little as two months, even if you do nothing to change your diet.

            Three percent may not sound like much, but it could mean up to three inches lost on your hips and waist. An added benefit of doing a weight training program for women is that the more muscle you build, the more fat those muscles are going to burn (without you lifting a finger). An hour of cardio tends to burn more calories than an hour of doing kettle bell exercises for women, but overall, lifting or in this case- kettle bell exercises for women burns more. Afterwards, you will continue to burn calories all the way into the next day.

            If you’re just starting out, it’s important to take things a little slow at first. Lifting less weight but with more reps might be your best way to begin if your body isn’t used to being worked really hard. However, once you’ve gained a bit of strength, in a few weeks you should consider upping the number of pounds you’ve been training with. More weight with fewer reps burns twice as many calories and increases muscle mass.

            With strength comes muscle-building and with muscles comes a nice, sexy physique that you can be proud of. Kettle bell exercises for women are efficient because they recruit a lot of muscle groups in one exercise so you end up burning more calories in one workout in a shorter amount of time and also enjoy the mind blowing benefits of the afterburn effect.

            Most of these kettle bell exercises for women are multi jointed. It‘s the best of the best and it works for me. Believe me- it WILL work for you!  I simply don’t waste my time with workouts that aren’t super effective with optimal outcome in limited time. We are busy business women, entrepreneurs, moms, wives- we have to optimize available time.

            I am living an Ultimate, sustainable lifestyle every day and every lady on this planet deserves to know what I know, because I’m in love with my lifestyle and it shows!  That is why you might just as well listen and take my advice to heart.  Simply do the FREE Xhoosh! exercises on this blog- You are going to be the Bell of the Ball…soon!