Fat Burning Workouts for Women




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Fat Burning Workouts for Women:

OK, I’ve included 9 exercises in this routine.  Your Ultimate goal is to do all of them; the minimum is 6 different exercises with sets and reps as indicated.  This is seriously Hardcore stuff, but SO rewarding-trust me!



2.  BREAKDANCES 3 x 15  (L + R)

    3.  SNATCHES  3 x (R x 10 + L x 10)


      4.  KNEE CROSS UNDER  + PUSHUP 3 x 10 (L + R)

        5.  DOUBLE ARM SWINGS  3 x 10


        6.  MONKEY JUMP + PUSHUP 3 x 10


          8.  RENEGADE DUMBBELL ROWS   3 x 10 (L + R)

          9.  TURKISH GET UPS   3 x 10

          If you are looking for the fastest fat loss results, high intensity exercise is a MUST.

          Fat burning exercises for women consists of short duration, high intensity exercise. This comes in two main forms: metabolic resistance training (MRT) and variable intensity interval training (VIIT).

          You’re probably wondering, “What exactly is metabolic resistance training?” and that’s a good question.

          To give it a very basic definition, metabolic resistance training (MRT) is simply “cardio with weights”. To get a little more “complex”, MRT is strategic total body resistance training in which a series of non competing exercises are performed with minimal rest. Either way, when speaking of the most effective fat burning exercises for women, this is it.

          Say that you worked out at 8AM on Friday. By way of metabolic resistance training, you’d still be burning calories from that workout while out at the movies on Saturday night.

          You want to burn calories by watching the latest blockbuster hit on a 40 foot screen?

          Studies have shown that when comparing “Slow-go” aerobic exercise with metabolic resistance training, the resistance group lost significantly more fat without losing ANY muscle even at an extremely low calorie intake (not so for the aerobic group).

          In fact, believe it or not, while the aerobic group experienced a decrease in metabolism (and lost muscle), the resistance training group actually increased overall metabolic rate.

          THAT’S the power of metabolic resistance training which is the essence of this fat burning workout for women.

          Convinced that metabolic resistance training flat out WORKS?

          Good. Next up, variable intensity interval training:

          Variable intensity interval training is simply a form of high intensity cardio in which you alternate back and forth between periods of high effort and periods of active recovery.

          For example, you may run very hard for a period of one minute and then follow it up with walking for one minute, repeating 8-10 times for an intense fat burning workout that’s less than 20 minutes.

          Granted, there are many more advanced variations of VIIT that produce even better results, but that’s a very basic explanation to give you a basic understanding.

          You want to know what happened when this research group compared 20 weeks of endurance training vs. 15 weeks of variable intensity interval training?

          While the aerobic/endurance group actually managed to burn more total calories during exercise, the VIIT group lost NINE TIMES more body fat. Nine times more fat loss in half the time?

          The clear choice for fat loss is variable intensity interval training.

          And it all comes down to elevated metabolism after your workout is completed – the afterburn.

          These are typical principles that I teach in the Xhoosh!LIVE program.  For now you can start with the most challenging, greatest HARDCORE fat burning workout for women you’ve ever done!  Put your mind to it and your body will follow.

          BE hardcore… Train Passionately from the inside out…