Ab Workouts for Women




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I’ve included separate Upper and Lower ab workouts for women to coach and add a bit of insight on which exercises are working which part of the abdominals.  It is advisable to focus on both the upper and lower abs with ever ab session.  You can have fun by making up your own combinations- just make sure that you do at least 6 exercises per session- half upper abs and half lower abs! If you commit to do them passionately… it would be the end of flab for you!

Upper Ab Workouts for women:


    (To intensify- add dumbbell /plate/medicine ball- move arms straight out behind your head)


    2.  SIDE KNEE TUCK 3 x 10 (L + R)

    (Try to do a push up in between!)


    (Your aim should be to end on your body weight)


    4.  HIP THRUSTS  3 x 12

    (Can be done on the floor or on an incline board.  Screw Hip Thrust: Try to get a screw effect to both sides)

    5.  PENDULUM  3 x 20 (L + R)


    6.  PLANK

    (Raise one leg / raise opposite arm and opposite leg simultaneously 3 x 10 (L+ R ))


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    Lower Ab Workouts for women:

    1. HANGING KNEE RAISES  3 x 10

    (Ultimate goal is hanging leg raises)


    2.  JACK KNIVES 3 x 20

    (Try it on the Bosu ball to intensify)

    3.  BICYCLES  3 x 15 (L + R)

    (Do a proper twist and crunch)


    4.  AB WHEEL  3 x 20

    (Can also be done with a towel)


    (The heavier the plate you can handle comfortably, the more effective- Can also use a dumbbell)


    6.  MEDICINE BALL TWISTS  3 x 10 (L + R)

    (The heavier the medicine ball the more it works your core and upper body)

    So, how does one get a rock hard, ripped six pack abs?

    Go look in the kitchen! Serious! Your six pack abs are in the kitchen! When we talk Abs we talk FOOD… The correct ab exercises for women are crucial, but you can train like a tigress, if you don’t eat clean, you are not going to get the desired results!  BALANCE and PORTION CONTROL are the two keys to the ultimate six pack abs.  In the Xhoosh!LIVE Reality Transformation Program I coach ladies how to make a SUSTAINABLE meal planner part of their everyday lives. I eat like a king every day and I have never starved!  I just love my diet!

    One of the widest spread and most dangerous methods which people use to burn fat is through improper calorie controlled diets. Food in its most natural sense is not a calorie but a fuel which should work for you to give you optimal health, including a lean, sexy body. The thermogenic effect is the effect food has to burn energy through the production of heat. That’s right, food can actually burn calories. This is one of the most commonly ignored strategies and yet it is one of the most effective for fat loss.
    Protein has the largest thermogenic effect (30%) meaning for every 100 calories of protein you eat, 30 will be burned just by eating, leaving your body with a net 70 calories.

    So, something that you can start applying today: Try to incorporate a small portion of protein in every meal i.e. skinless chicken, lean beef, fish, egg whites, a full or at least half portion protein (whey, soy, casein) shake etc.

    If you still think that ab exercises are limited to hundreds of endless, boring crunches, we need to have a serious talk! This perception is completely outdated and ineffective.  Over time I will expose you to amazingly powerful multi joint abs workouts for women. Multi joint exercises comprise of complex movements engaging more than one muscle group simultaneously. Examples of multi joint workouts are squats, lunges, pull ups, chin ups, pushups, bench presses, burpee combos, double arm swings etc.

    Multi joint exercises have the following benefits:

    1. Burn more calories: Multi joint exercises use a large group of muscles and comprise complex muscle movements unlike isolation exercises. When working on more than one muscle group we burn substantially more calories than doing any other isolation or single joint exercise.

    2. Best weapon to fight fat: It is a proven fact that an intense training session comprising mostly multi joint exercises works best increasing the Resting Metabolic Rate substantially for the next 48 hours, thus increasing fat burning and weight-loss. By performing mostly multi-joint workouts 3 to 4 times per week we can keep our metabolism high all the time. Unlike multi joint exercises single joint, or so called isolation workouts, are not effective enough to keep the RMR high for such a long time after a workout session.

    3. Build a full functional body: Multi joint exercises, more than one muscle groups engage simultaneously and work in a harmony increasing strength and co-ordination between different body parts. Thus multi-joint workouts are best for building a full functional fit physique.

    I strongly suggest practicing more multi-joint workouts complemented by single joint exercises for “spot treatment”.

    A glimpse on lower ab exercises for women…

    After my pregnancies I have found that one of the most difficult parts of my body to get back into shape was my lower abs. Lower abs have always been a problem area for a number of women. There is a perceived notion that training the lower abs is difficult, however, with the exercises that I recommend, you will see that it is not as difficult as it is perceived to be.

    The intensity of your workout should be such, by which 5 minutes of exercise seem like 20 minutes to you. When you do your exercises, you will have to concentrate on working your abs muscles and not use hip flexors or legs in the exercise. These are called as cheat muscles and using these muscles will not give you the desired effect. It is important to understand the perfect technique of the exercises you are performing. Wrong technique oftentimes does not give the results you are looking forward to.

    Do not try to start with an impossible number of repetitions. As your fitness level increases, increase the number of repetitions. Remember it’s the quality and not the quantity that counts!

    Most of the effective lower ab workouts for women involve lifting of legs. It is extremely important to strengthen and protect your lower back when performing these exercises. Don’t proceed if you experience back pain- rather consider an alternative and ask an expert to advise.

    Another handy Lower Ab Exercise for Women is the Abdominal Vacuum.  You can perform this exercise while standing in the cue in the grocery store or behind your computer!

    The abdominal vacuum looks like the easiest exercise in the world, but it is one of the most difficult for someone with weak abdominals to do. It is though an ideal exercise for women who suffer from back pain. The transverse abdominals (TA) muscle pulls in your stomach contents and supports your spine. The abdominal vacuum increases the TA’s ability to do its job effectively by requiring you to activate this muscle and maintain a tight contraction during normal breathing.
    To perform an abdominal vacuum, kneel, sit, stand or lie down and activate your TA as if trying to make your navel touch your lower spine. Hold this contraction for up to 30 seconds and breathe normally without relaxing your abs. You can do this exercise anywhere, any time!

    Xhoosh! aims for Kaizen- “Continuous improvement”, so if you feel intimidated by the more advanced exercises, stick to the basic option that I’ve suggested- in time you’ll  find that you’re stronger and fitter to attempt the more difficult version . If you can’t complete the reps indicated in these ab workouts for women, you’ll take them on next time and continue to make progress, bit by bit. We’re in this together, every step of the way…

    Here’s to Flabageddon! The End Of Flab…

    Train Passionately!