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I am so glad you are reading my note at this very moment… The fact that you’ve landed up on this page means that you are serious about your physical wellbeing.  Maybe you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror this morning and didn’t like the reflection… You want to change certain things in your life, but you probably don’t know how. Maybe you’ve tried in the past but your attempts have failed. There are fears and uncertainty locked up inside of you…

You are so in the right company! I have cracked the secret to an Ultimate Lifestyle, I’m living it every day and I’m in love with my Xhoosh! Lifestyle!  You deserve what I’ve got! I want to guide and coach you and help you overcome all your fears and uncertainties. I’m here to offer you my hand, to support you physically, mentally and emotionally on your journey to an Ultimate Lifestyle. Imagine yourself- well conditioned, fit and healthy, naturally beautiful, confident and sexy, radiantly happy… You’ve got what it takes to be all of this and I am going to help you unlock every bit of that Ultimate, untapped “You”.

Do me a favor, please read through this note before you start with the series of exciting, FREE Xhoosh! workouts.  This note is for YOU to empower you by offering valuable advice and tips in order to maximize these Xhoosh! workouts and a host of other amazing eye opening stuff…

I’ve included BASIC WORKOUTS FOR FREE , just to get you going.  The idea is to start introducing you to a variety of exercises.  I believe that that there are certain exercises that should form part of most workouts- for me it’s all about the clever combinations of specific exercises and to ALWAYS incorporate multi-joint exercises. It’s all about EFFECTIVE TRAINING- and that’s what I’m going to teach you along the way.

So, let’s start from the inside out. Mohammad Ali said, “Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision”.  My first question is:  Do you have a desire, a dream, a vision to change your Lifestyle?  If you don’t I can’t help you.  If you do, Girl I’m in!

I’ve developed the amazing, first ever online Reality Lifestyle Transformation Program, Xhoosh!LIVE.  The FREE workouts I’ve included on my blog are only snippets of what you can expect from the Xhoosh!LIVE Program.  Although it is called ‘snippets’ it is still powerful, challenging and pretty hardcore! I love working with people who act and live with PASSION, because that’s the way I embrace life!  So, it doesn’t matter your age or fitness level, if you think you can deposit a serious amount of passion into these workouts, you’ve had a glimpse of Xhoosh! and a taste of the amazing results that the Xhoosh!LIVE Program offers.

I know you want to get moving, but you have to read on, because you are going to benefit from valuable information.

  • I believe that EVERYTHING in life should be measured against SUSTAINABILITY.  That’s why Xhoosh! teaches principles that you can apply to your life that will last forever. The Ultimate Xhoosh! Lifestyle is natural and perfectly balanced.
  • I believe in BASICS- so no fancy, difficult exercises.  Xhoosh! incorporates real, powerful stuff that delivers results, that’s why you will occasionally bump into variations of good old pushups, burpees, squats etc.  Just hang in there, it will pay off! We aren’t going to waste our time anyway, are we?
  • I believe in a perfectly BALANCED combination of cardio (high intensity interval training), weight and resistance training, multi core workouts and a bunch of other lethal exercises to optimize the outcome. You simply can’t isolate any of them.
  • Don’t fear that you are going to BULK UP.  If you want ANY results you have to engage into strength training. Just so you know it is physiologically impossible for you as a woman to put on large amounts of muscle mass. Your body’s hormonal makeup is not one that will allow you to do so. Training with heavy loads and low volume (sets x reps) is the best way to get a toned physique, without bulking up.
  • As part of my philosophy of BALANCE there is definitely room for a machine session every now and then, although I prefer free weight training over machines.  Machines do not allow your body to follow natural, biomechanically-correct movement paths. You also perform less work because the machine stabilizes the weight for you. Therefore, you get weaker results. On the other hand, due to the limitations of movement, machine training is slightly safer than free weight training.

Squats can be done simply with your bodyweight or with any free weighted objects for extra resistance such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, etc. Keep in mind that if you want to obtain a lean, sexy, and shaped physique you have to train heavy and train with multi-joint, compound movements like the squat and deadlift.

  • The following statement might shock you. It doesn’t matter how hard you train- your diet has everything to do with how good your physique can become.  In the Xhoosh!LIVE  Reality Lifestyle Transformation Program I coach ladies on how to incorporate basic, natural, sustainable principles into their meal planners without having to starve or deprive themselves from anything! Keep an eye on regular blog posts on excellent diet tips that you will also fall in love with!

The FREE Xhoosh! workouts on my blog take 30-45 minutes each to complete.

I’ve compiled basic, but hardcore, tough exercises.

You train against yourself.

For most of the workouts there are alternatives to intensify the workout or a slightly easier option. You decide, but remember to push yourself!

There’s a generic, simplified routine in these workouts.  It involves 6 exercises, alternating 1 & 2, 3 & 4 and 5 & 6.

See 1 and 2 as a unit.  Do them straight after each other and then rest for 30-60 seconds. (The fitter you are the shorter the resting period should be.) Repeat as indicated on the workout schedule.  I’ve included a lot of multi core exercises to increase fat burning and to boost your post workout metabolism.

Some of the sets are straight sets, meaning even reps per set as indicated.

When it comes to strength training I prefer Pyramid sets with a drop set to end off every set. We want to exhaust the targeted muscle to the limit in order to optimize results.

Stick to Pyramid sets: 4 sets- increase your weight and drop the reps with every set (12, 10, 8, 6) You should be on your heaviest weight, barely able to finish 6 reps.  Immediately after that, drop the weight in half, up the tempo of reps and push until failure.

Note that 3 x 15 (L + R) means 3 sets of 15 reps alternating left and right.

3 x (L x 10 + R x 10) means 3 sets of 10 reps on the left, followed by 10 to the right.

Always remember to stretch properly prior to your workouts.  Try and stretch the targeted muscle groups in between sets and of course, stretch after your workout. Stretching before exercise prepares the joints for motion, helps avoid injury and increases the range of motion of the area being stretched. After exercise stretching reduces soreness, helps to prevent muscle cramping and increases the range of motion. When stretching it is important to remember to stretch until you feel a slight tension and hold for 10-20 seconds. Do NOT bounce. Never stretch until it hurts and stay relaxed throughout the stretch.

It’s time! You’ve got what is takes! Take these workouts on PASSIONATELY and make them your own.  Enjoy these and be willing to DIG DEEP!!

Live passionately




Neither Xhoosh!, Emmerentia nor anyone associated with Xhoosh! will be responsible or liable for any injury or any condition sustained while exercising or following meal planners. Consult a Doctor before starting any exercise program or taking any dietary advice.