Speaker Bio


Emmerentia simply doesn’t settle for mediocrity.  She believes that a life of excellence and mastery leads to fulfillment and abundance. PASSION is the main component in her life and that is evident when she walks on stage. With an overwhelming friendliness, a unique Wow-factor and loads of knowledge she dazzles her audiences and impact their lives in a powerful way.

She admits that she had her share challenges in life where she had suffered financial difficulties, and went through a divorce, having to face numerous obstacles as a single mom.

In times of despair, she’d been challenged to move the focus from herself to those around her and ever since she almost became addicted to the satisfactory feeling that naturally comes from helping others and adding value to their lives…

Emmerentia believes that every woman should discover, celebrate and optimize her Uniqueness. Every one of us has a very specific assignment to complete on this planet and she guides her audiences to identify their Uniqueness and Core Purpose.

Her Core Purpose on earth is to INSPIRE every individual that she meets on her life journey by living passionately and being an example in all areas of life- to leave an invigorating, unique, life changing footprint in every heart, soul and body.

This Ultimate Lifestyle Expert lives a healthy, natural, sustainable life PASSIONATELY.  She’s a tigress, a compact piece of dynamite that ignites Passion wherever she goes. She is knowledgeable, stylish, classy, results driven and hard core. Emmerentia is an authentic individual that embraces her uniqueness and always strives for excellence.

Her Ultimate Xhoosh! Lifestyle is a combined result of over 16 years of research and first hand trial-and-error practical experiences.  Because of  the SUSTAINABILITY of her lifestyle and amazing results that she gets daily she has developed the complete First Ever Online Reality Lifestyle Transformation Program, Xhoosh!LIVE.

She doesn’t leave her fitness community with a meal planner, a training program and a bill. She engages where the rubber hits the road and where the sweat breaks. She coaches and reinforces sustainable Xhoosh! Principles and through her Live Online Reality Lifestyle Transformation Program she empowers every woman to effortlessly incorporate Xhoosh! Lifestyle Principles into her life forever.

HARAJUKU is the Japanese for “The decision to become a complete human”. Emmerentia wants to take modern women to a new level where they will get to know themselves and ignite passionate living in their lives by following  Xhoosh! Lifestyle Princples.  She knows it is within reach of every lady to become a Complete Human, living at Her Ultimate Pulse.