Emmerentia is a South African Mother of two, Passionate Lifestyle Architect and Fitness Expert, an 8-times Comrades Ultra Marathon finisher (that is close to 56 miles!) and a Product of The Xhoosh! Ultimate Lifestyle. She eat, trains and lives by a set of simplistic, natural and most importantly SUSTAINABLE principles every day AND IT SHOWS.  This passionate Lifestyle Expert is literally radiating wellness and coaches her female audiences worldwide the secret to an Ultimate Lifestyle.

Personal Development and Improvement is part of her daily strive for excellence and mastery.  As a Lifestyle Architect she presents Total Life Solutions to women in any forum, i.e. conferences, seminars, workshops and women’s days with an extremely unique, highly entertaining and energetic approach.  She coaches and presents well researched and proven advice on a broad range of very topics such as :

  • Lethal secrets to an Ultimate Body (The one’s you’ve never been told)
  • No BS! THIS works!
  • You are a Limited Edition
  • Goal Setting and Goal Getting
  • Define your Life Mission Statement TODAY
  • The World is your oyster
  • Manage our most valuable commodity- TIME
  • “Harajuku”-  The Decision to become a Complete Human
  • “Kaizen”:- Continuous Improvement- Up your game
  • Armor for the battle against Cellulite, Angel Wings, Fat around the Butt, Thighs and Abs
  • When it sags and wobbles…


  • Radiate Fitness and Wellness
  • Live your Life at an Ultimate Pulse
  • Listen to your Body.
  • Dig Deep and Explode in every workout
  • Eat Wisely and Love it!
  • Burn Calories while you’re Sleeping!
  • Be stylishly Sexy
  • Live with Passion

Send an e-mail to emmerentia@xhoosh.com to book now for an unforgettable, life changing presentation by this keynote speaker.