My Story


Life has brought me to a halt and led me to a defining point in my life, a HARAJUKU MOMENT, the Japanese for “The decision to become a Complete Human.”

A divorce, financial difficulties and challenges as a single mom of two beautiful kids have literally forced me to sit down, reflect inward and to define my Core Purpose and Core Values. Thank goodness for that, because for the very first time it struck me that I am UNIQUE! There’s nobody else out there with my makeup.  There’s a very specific and special mission that I need to accomplish during my earthly stay. There’s something I am destined to offer the world that nobody else can.

For most of my life I’ve been trying to be like anyone else but myself! Arthur Schopenhauer, a German Philosopher in the 1800’s quantified it when he said, “We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people.” That is shocking, but true! In retrospect I ask the question, “Why would I want to be 50% of somebody else if I can be 100% my unique self and be good at that?”

I made peace with who I am and embraced my uniqueness.  I’ve identified the reason for my existence and it has changed my entire life.  I now live with PASSION.

The essence of who I am as summarized during my internal “stock taking” session:


to INSPIRE every individual that I meet on my life journey by living passionately and being an example in all areas of life- to leave an invigorating, unique, life changing footprint in every heart, soul and body.  I ignite and radiate PASSIONATE LIVING wherever I go.


  • Passion – One of the most important ingredients for success and a life of abundance
  • Differentiation and Uniqueness -Celebrate and live my own uniqueness.   Be true to myself
  • Authenticity and Creativity - Innovate. Always come up with out of the ordinary ideas and solutions
  • Excellence and Mastery - I don’t settle for mediocrity.  I always challenge myself- always strive to master and improve. Aristotle said around 350 BC: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an art but a habit.”
  • Balance and Sustainability - The basic law of nature and an important question I ask myself several times daily
  • Wow-factor – Surprise and Delight!
  • Fun – Live the moment!

I have managed to align my life with my Core Purpose and Values and in the midst of life’s challenges I kept reminding myself of my HIGHEST THOUGHT, my calling to inspire those around me.

People wanted to know how it is possible to remain radiant and positive despite life’s challenges.

I remember times when I walked into the gym at 5am, opening the door, making eye contact with the first face for the day behind the reception desk with the BIGGEST SMILE I could possibly display.  Life’s miseries and difficulties vanished into thin air!  What an exhilarating feeling, what a great start to the day!

See, we have a choice.  That is what I teach my seven year old. You determine your own destiny.  Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. What happens in your thoughts manifest in your life- full stop. Embark on constant mental housekeeping. Get rid of junk thoughts.  Simplify your life. Cast your thoughts on positive things- only you can control it. In order to obtain good mental health, great physical health is imperative.  If you want to feel better- go break a sweat and smile!!

With a keen interest in mental and physical wellness I have always been in search for The Ultimate Lifestyle.  I’ve gathered loads of information and studied just about anything I could lay my hands on for over 16 years and I still had unanswered questions. I almost gave up with the conclusion that maybe it’s not meant for everyone to live an Ultimate Lifestyle. But, it all came to an end on the day when I’ve discovered the SECRET to an Ultimate Lifestyle and the realization that it is within everyone’s reach, regardless of genetics, gender or age.  It daunted on me that the reason why I didn’t get results was because my training program and diet have never been sustainable.  SUSTAINABLILTY IS THE SECRET. It means BALANCE, it means that a desired outcome can last forever with the same continuous effort.

After I’ve started to apply Xhoosh! Principles to my life people often commented that I am a Superwoman.  Well, the truth is, I’m definitely NOT a Superwoman, but I have indeed discovered a SUPER BALANCED LIFESTYLE and obviously it shows!

I am the happiest woman alive! I know who I am and what I’m here for. I live an Ultimate, Balanced Lifestyle. As a result of just being myself and leaving happy fumes wherever I go, I’m attracting the most amazing people and things to my life which includes one very special man, my soul mate… He played an enormous role in my discovery of The Ultimate Lifestyle and he still inspires me everyday. I am so blessed to live my dream with him next to me, to be lovingly supported by the one who understands me best.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can live a happy, healthy, joyful, peaceful life passionately!

I know I’m crowned with laurels and the world is my oyster… and you know what, the same is true for you!

Live passionately!