About Xhoosh!


xhoosh! (PRONUNCIATION:  “zoosh”)

The origin:

1. Zhoosh means to  tweak, finesse or improve something

2. The Irish expression, A chuisle ( PRONUNCIATION: Uh xhoosh-leh) means “My pulse

In other words…

Xhoosh! means to aim for constant improvement towards your Ultimate Body, Mind and Soul… Your Ultimate Lifestyle Pulse.


The Xhoosh! Ultimate Lifestyle was born when I started to take a closer look at my dedicated female counterparts pitching in the gym at 5am every morning.  The reality is that despite their relentless efforts, 97% of these ladies still look exactly the same, and in some cases even worse, since the very first day that I saw them in the gym.  And I ask “Why?” I’ll tell you why.  They are seriously missing the crux to an ultimate mind body and soul, just like I did. They are making the same mistakes that I made. I used to be part of that 97% who are fighting never ending battles against CELLULITE, FAT AROUND THE ABDOMINALS, THIGHS AND BUTTOCKS AREA, ANGELWINGS, CHRONIC TIREDNESS, YOU-YOU DIETING, THE RAT RACE, A DEMANDS OF A FAMILY, LIMITED TIME TO WORK OUT, STRESS, DEPRESSION, INSECURTIY, UNWORTHYNESS…

Research indicates that 80% of women over 18 look at themselves in the mirror and are unhappy with what they see. That’s a fact and yip, I’ve been part of those statistics as well!  I didn’t like the way I looked, didn’t feel confident and sexy.  I ended up training almost every day of the week for between 90 and 120 minutes with no or minimal results… I have experimented with any diet you can think of, from high protein diets, no carbohydrate diets, vegetarian diets, low fat diets, dairy-free diets, shakes-only diets and even tried the starving approach. Nothing seemed to work.

Literally hundreds of thousands of fitness experts worldwide are more than willing to dish out diets and training programs, but I always wonder what their training routines and meal planners really look like. What are their lethal secrets? Are they really practicing and preaching the same thing? I have discovered the secret to The Ultimate Lifestyle and every lady on this planet deserves to know what I know. I AM SHARING MY LIFESTYLE SECRETS LIVE EVERYDAY!

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With a keen interest in mental and physical wellness I have gathered loads of information and studied just about anything I could lay my hands on for over 16 years and I still had unanswered questions. I almost gave up in my search for a solution with the conclusion that maybe it’s not meant for everyone to live an ultimate lifestyle. But, it all came to an end on the day when I’ve discovered the SECRET to an Ultimate Lifestyle and the realization that it is in everyone’s reach, regardless of genetics, gender or age.  It daunted on me that the reason why I didn’t get results was because my training program and diet have never been sustainable.  SUSTAINABLILTY IS THE SECRET. It means BALANCE, it means that a desired outcome can last forever with the same continuous effort. An attempt to survive on carrots and cucumber only is not sustainable. An effort to work out every day of the week is not sustainable.

What is more sustainable is to incorporate active or complete rest days in between workouts to repair microscopic inflicted damage to muscles and to halt a state of continuous breakdown in the body.  To enjoy the odd chocolate, pizza or your favorite treat on a strategically planned day is much more sustainable than complete deprivation! A focused interval training session for 20 minutes is much more effective and sustainable than a 90 minute jog.

With my Lifestyle Transformation, Xhoosh! Principles were imprinted unto my life and my life has changed forever. A solid set of SUSTAINABLE PRINCIPLES spontaneously became part of my everyday life. I have learned how to listen to my body. I have experienced firsthand that a day of strategic overfeeding can assist in weight loss.  I can feel how protein, added to every meal increases the calorie burning rate with its magic thermal effect.  I even realized how and why it is sometimes necessary to “shock” the body in a natural way by keeping it guessing, in order to optimize results and… I have learned how to train ultra focused and cleverly! I even discovered how to burn calories while I’m sleeping! These are only a few of many perfectly balanced, sustainable life changing secrets. The Xhoosh! Lifestyle had an equally amazing impact on my entire family!

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I eat, train and live by a set of simple, natural and SUSTAINABLE principles every day AND IT WORKS!

My Xhoosh! Lifestyle is

  • Simplistic and easy to follow,
  • Focused and not time consuming,
  • 100% balanced,
  • Overwhelmingly effective
  • Natural and
  • Fits perfectly into the schedule of a modern woman
  • It addresses various common obstacles that have always been in most women’s way to the Ultimate Lifestyle


With Xhoosh! you will:

~ Acquire a sustainable, natural lifestyle, imprinted unto your life to last forever
~ Radiate wellness
~ Get addicted to Xhoosh! delicious, balanced meals
~ Learn how to PUSH it effectively during explosive Xhoosh! workouts
~ Lose fat and gain muscle at the same time (without bulking up ladies!)
~ Find a reduction in cellulite
~ Soon notice definition to your arms, legs and abdominals
~ Get stronger
~ Sleep better
~ Have more energy
~ Feel confident and sexy
~ And be updated on the latest that has been happening in the health and fitness arena

After I’ve started to apply Xhoosh! Principles to my life people often commented that I am a Superwoman.  Well, the truth is, I’m definitely NOT a Superwoman, but I have indeed discovered a SUPER BALANCED LIFESTYLE and it obviously shows!

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Aristotle, Ancient Greek Philosopher and Scientist said around 350 BC: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an art but a habit.” That’s my job: to ensure that simplistic, sustainable Xhoosh! habits become part of your life that will lead to excellence in all areas of your life!

Lady, you deserve Xhoosh! You deserve to live Life at Your Ultimate Pulse.

I do, and I’m loving it!

Live passionately!


  • Sandra Rossouw

    Hi Emm,

    Wow u look awesome. I would really like to apply Xhoosh to my daily workout very day.

    Please help!!!!

    Take care